10 Negative Effects of Video Games

The bad influence of gaming is mainly linked to the long use of consoles without following the necessary rules. Let us discover what the bad consequences may be.

The bad influence of gaming is mainly linked to the long use of consoles without following the necessary rules. Let us discover what the bad consequences may be.

Problems with Health

Those who are playing most of their free time may find their eating and sleeping habits disturbed. Some other possible problems include:

  • overweight and obesity
  • convulsions
  • musculoskeletal system disorders
  • nerve compression

These effects are generally caused by sitting games when the player maintains the same position for a long time. Therefore, one can try active games as a good solution.


The nervous system of the gamer receives bright visual images and works with fast movements that are highly overstimulating. The body releases adrenaline to escape or fight, but the player does not react in these ways.

Deprivation of Sleep

Spending too much time on screen often leads to problems with sleep and nightmares, especially in children.

Problems with Mental Health

While the playing process is stopped, this stimulation abruptly lessens, and this leads to unpleasant neurological effects. The person becomes irritable, attention decreases, and fast mood changes are observed. Moreover, the aggression may be more pronounced in the non-gaming periods.


The gamer is getting used to the fastness of everything that happens in the games. However, life is much more complicated, and one often needs to wait in order to achieve the desired result.

Aggressive Behavior

There are several kinds of research that prove the fact that violent games can make the risk of similar behavior in real-life higher. Especially parents must protect their kids from violence as they often do not distinguish fantasy from reality. Furthermore, such violence is desensitizing a young child, and the consequences can be very harmful.

Decrease in Academic Abilities

There is a connection between constant playing and poor academic outcomes. This happens because of the decrease in attention and impulsiveness, which is growing in those who play continually. The over-altering brain cannot cope with academic tasks, and performance is declined.

Bad Values

It is often said that video gaming provides people with a false sense of good and bad. Moreover, they lead players to take different risky actions in real-life. A gamer can start to smoke, drink alcohol, or drive carelessly. It is also believed that some games even reduce empathy.

Poor Development of Social Skills

Constant gaming also has a negative impact on the social life of a person. This is caused by self-isolation, which is important to play a favorite game for hours. However, it also depends on the type of game. It is known that some of them can even make these skills better. Therefore, parents can choose such options for kids.


The main problem with constant gaming is that it leads to addiction, and it may happen fast. An addicted person does not believe this fact, and it is hard to keep them out of the screen. In this case, all the above-mentioned problems become a reality.

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