Five Video Games to Boost Your Mood

While gaming is better known for being frustrating, it could be the next trend in healthy lifestyles. As part of recent studies on how modern media influences people's lifestyles, it is interesting to discover how much gaming can affect our moods. Generally, gamers say gaming helps them relax and relieve stress. Let us discover those games that are the best for this purpose.

What Remains of Edith Finch

This game is probably the most technologically advanced today. The world in it is represented by one large house and very limited space around it.

However, the developers tried to maximize the details of the environment and honed the design for a long time. It gravitates more toward realism but, at the same time, creates some kind of fabulous mood.

Already in the first minutes, users will feel that they are immersed in an interesting adventure. In addition, these feelings are completely true because the game has a really gorgeous narrative.


This is the most striking example of the fact that advanced technologies are not always needed to create a beautiful game. This was achieved thanks to careful design, correct lighting, and a bright, attractive style.

In Firewatch, users are shown the nature of the Shoshone National Park. Dense thickets of trees, caves, lakes, and other objects of natural origin serve as the basis of the game world. The developers realized that low-poly graphics, coupled with original artistic vision, are great for displaying them.

This is how Firewatch was born – an incredibly atmospheric and exciting game that every fan of interactive entertainment should play.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

It is a very kind, sensual, and, at the same time, exciting tale. The game demonstrates how important family ties are and how much pain the loss of a loved one brings.

To emphasize the atmosphere of an exciting adventure with a touch of drama, the developers armed themselves with a bright style and competent composition of colors.

It seems as if the locations were recently drawn in a book with children's fairy tales, but suddenly, they became three-dimensional and transferred to the screen. All elements of the visual component of the game are perfectly matched and complement each other.


Bastion was released back in 2011, and since then, it has not become outdated at all. Its cartoony and pretty appearance can please the eye of any gamer. Moreover, the chic and unusual design of dilapidated locations is a highlight that will be remembered for a long time and will contribute to your mood.


It is pretty easy to explain what the beauty of Cuphead's style is: the visual part of the game copies the cartoons of the 1930s. Animations and backgrounds are specially tuned to be reminiscent of old cartoons. A similar situation is with the images of characters and enemies, including bosses.

The latter ones are pleased with the uniqueness and variety of behavior patterns, although this is more about the gameplay. Thanks to the chosen style, Cuphead immerses users in a kind atmosphere.

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