7 Facts You Didn't Know about Brawl Stars

A fun multiplayer game Brawl Stars appeared only a few years ago, but at least 21 million gamers all over the world enjoy it today. It is worth mentioning that the game has changed through this time, and its history contains curious facts. Are you aware of all these curiosities? Let us discover them together.

Genius and Edgar Have Broken the Game

Genius is a legendary fighter, and the iOS system crashed while his super attack was made. As for Edgar, he was the cause of the server overload. However, everything was fixed soon enough.

The modern system is able to avoid duplicate brawlers. Therefore, the game is always balanced, and overloads are prevented.

Cheating Is Prohibited

Gamers often try to cheat, but the game system can detect any strange behavior. For example, gamers can create alliances to win the battle and get rewards. However, Brawl Stars will know this.

When the gaming process is not going according to the plan, and when the opposing brawlers do not attack each other, a special system will complete the action.

The Portrait Mode That Failed

One of the well-known features of the Supercell games is their vertical design, and it was also implemented in the case of Brawl Stars.

However, the company always monitors the expectations and tastes of potential gamers. During the testing phase, it was revealed that only a few gamers played with one hand, and it was decided to apply a landscape look to this game.

Fighters That Can Heal

Heroes of Brawl Stars can be divided into several categories. There are healing fighters like Pam who stand out among others. They are not only able to heal other characters but also have very powerful attacks. Therefore, it is easier to win with their help.

A Space Theme

The original project of the game was a fast-paced shooter, where the action proceeds in outer space. It was called Project Laser, but then, the design was changed, and the Wild West was developed before the final testing.

Nevertheless, you can find a mini-game about space exploration. Only a few characters are the same, but still, it is an enjoyable option.

Unknown Features of Heroes

A brawler named Pam can throw nuts and possesses superpowers like healing. Moreover, she is Jessie's mother and can be also known as Mama J.

As for Mortis, she was at first given a hat, and then, it was taken back. Beta gamers asked to return it. That is the reason for having two skins for Mortis now.

Beating the Beta Game

At first, the possibility of defeating Brawl Stars itself existed. This was because of a limit, namely, 500 trophies for gamers. When it was reached, further progress or reset was not possible. Then, this situation was fixed.

These facts are the most curious and fascinating for gamers today. However, there will be definitely further improvement, and the game is going to surprise us again and again.

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