Best Video Games for Kids

In recent years, we hardly believe that video gaming is only for kids. Modern games for kids are more suitable for adults, not only in terms of their possible cruelty but also because of the seriousness and depth of the topics presented. Such options and their development show that there is an audience for adult players. And yet, do not forget that children also play games. It was in childhood that many of us met them.

There are bad games whose developers want to make money on parents who do not understand games. Therefore, it is necessary to know about quality games for kids to select the best among existing options. This article will cover five such good games.

Among Us

This game was launched in 2018, and since that time, it has been patiently waiting for the moment to become a hit in 2020. When everyone was at home during quarantine, it appeared to become one of the best and most popular ways for both adults and kids to connect online and have entertainment together.

Here, gamers become members of a spaceship, and a variety of tasks are ready to be solved by them. One member of the team will be trying to destroy the others. Therefore, it is needed to discover the culprit before one makes severe damage. Altogether, it is the best choice to have fun.

Animal Crossing New Horizons

Here, the gamer gets the chance to enjoy calm life on an island full of different animals and other natural species. This game may require reading and concentrating skills, especially for children. However, fluctuations in prices are very similar to the stock market and can teach a few useful things. So, it is not just entertainment but a useful experience as well.

Crossy Road

Many apps and games promise free and fascinating time but then begin to ask for some financial aid. This is very troublesome when it is aimed at kids. However, this option will not cost you a dime, whether you play it once at a time or every day. Still, it is fascinating, simple, and enjoyable.


Exciting and bright cartoon images from the 1930s are an instant hit with kids. True, they may be disappointed when they find out how difficult this running and shooting side-scroller is. Many adults also grew up with such difficult games, but they did not look as beautiful as this one.


Many young people who are familiar with gaming know this one as well. This battle game has left a mark on the culture at large. What other options have created so many memes with big-name brands that are well known among gamers? Just try it out to discover them.

If you do not know where to start, use these five games together with your child and select the most suitable one. With these options, you can be sure that you are not just wasting your time – the tasks and the plot are really gorgeous.

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